Yawmiyat Wa7da Q8iya Dathra

I’ve been thinking for a while now on how I’ll be spending my “infaas” period. 40 days at home with a lot of spare time. Now I have the perfect solution! I’ll be purchasing Danderma’s “Yawmiyat Wa7da Q8iya Dathra” book! I read a couple of posts of the story and really got hooked! Its my kind of humour and a very exciting story line. I would like to congratulate Danderma on her first publishing. I’m really proud to see a Kuwaiti girl with such an achievment! Oo 3uqbaal el book signing inshala :p


2 thoughts on “Yawmiyat Wa7da Q8iya Dathra

  1. Oh hon thank you! I’ve just seen your post. Thank you so much for your support. Hopefully laman etgomeen bel salama o you are bored out of your mind with enfaas the 2nd volume is out as well -crossing fingers-

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