Congratulations to me!! Wohooooo!! 20 down 20 more to go! This week is my half way mark down and my oh my was it a journey. The best thing about it is that I love it and I would cherish and remember everything I went through so far. The morning sickness, the extreme unexplainable devastating moodiness (LOL. King I love you for putting up with it, your my hero!), the wardrobe crisis and the list goes on ;p

I’m so looking forward to my next 20 weeks, with the increase in my energy level I’m going through a baby moon, planning to take as many short trips as I can before the baby arrives. And I just can’t get enough of showing off my baby bump!! ;p sometimes I feel like I’m just too much! I try to wear clothes that show my bump as much as I can and I think I’m also starting to adopt the pregnancy “walk” (mashyat el ba6a 3ala goolat King ;p) although I think its still too soon for it.

Till next week! Wish all mummies to be a fun and healthy pregnancy!



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