A Day at Dean and Deluca

Last weekend King and I headed to Dean and Deluca for lunch. I want to try their new menu that I heard so much about. At first King wasn’t so enthusiastic about the idea and we decided we’ll see the menu, if he didn’t like it we’ll go to somewhere else. And I’m telling just a quick flip through the menu pages and looking at the delicious pictures we decided to stay!

Their menu is HUUUUUUUGE! they’ve got everything from oriental dishes, italian dishes and international main courses. It took us more than 15 mins to decide what to have.

We started off with a lentil soup and mixed dulmas platter.


The soup was yummy tasted home-made and rich. King really loved the bread served with it. The mixed dulmas on the other hand was a bit meh. The vine leaves were fine, but the stuffed peppers were not so good.

For our main course King went for the steak and asked for both the mushroom and pepper sauce. I went for their version of penne arabiatta.


I loved how they served King’s steak. He really enjoyed it, the mushroom sauce was the best, the pepper sauce wasn’t that good. My pasta was delicious, cooked just right. It needed a bit more sauce though but with my failed attempts to watch what I eat (lol) my brain won the battle over my stomach with this one ;p

Dessert! I was looking forward to my decafe latte more than the desert itself actually ;p Again it took us a while to decide what to order. Standing in front of their colourful desert display makes it so hard to resist ordering everything! We went for the strawberry cheese cake and a chocolate round cake thing I forgot its name.


They were both great but I like the cheese cake more. King didn’t like the ganache that covered the chocolate cake. It was too thick and we struggled to cut through it.

I would definitely be visiting Dean and Deluca very soon to try other items on their menu. Specially looking forward to try their afternoon tea!

Later we went shopping in their supermarket. I love it so much and I wish there was a stand alone Dean and Deluca, not in a mall,  so I could shop there all the time. They have a great stock of items specially the fruit section but I rarely get to shop there.


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