Meskeenaa Kate!

I’m reading this article in City Pages about the “Ten things Kate can’t do once she marries Wills”
At number 5 guess what it say!!
” 5. Play Monopoly: In 2008, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, said that the Royal Family was not allowed to play Monopoly at home because it gets too vicious.”
Ana chaan ankhash bil daar oo al3aab mali shighil! :p
Oh and there’s more!
” 7. Eat Shellfish: British Royals are apparently never served shellfish, because of a fear of food poisoning. So if Kate can’t live without crustaceans, she will have to seek them out in her own time.”
The last one I can’t survive if it was me! I’m the slowest eater in the world!
” 10. Finish her dinner: If she is a slower eater than her grandmother-in-law, Kate could go hungry. In Britain, when the queen stops eating, you stop as well, fork in hand.”

Allaah i3eenhaa walaa.. I’m sure its worth it!

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2 thoughts on “Meskeenaa Kate!

  1. LOL @ #10 sh’hal malaqa?!!! 3ayal Kate ra7 itkayif 3ala 3azayim LKwaityeen, 3la el tilizim, o iklai ma kalaitai shai! ;p of course we go by the motto “La Ywagif, La Ywagif” ;p
    allah yhaneehum, with or without shellfish ;p

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