Week 19, Ready for Shopping!

With the increased energy I’ve been experiencing (il7amdillaa ya raab!) through yoga and eating healthy (as much as I can ;p) I felt ready this week to start shopping for essentials for both the baby and myself. I gave up on my hunt for the excipial cream, you can’t imagine the amount of pharmacies both King and I looked visited! In the end I settled for Gerard’s Smagliature (pictured below) which was recommended by pretty much every pharmacist I spoke to. I personally recommend it. After just a couple of days of using it my skin actually feels tighter and softer, and for those women who experienced abdominal itching like me, it stopped!

For the baby, I researched online for baby essentials checklist, I altered it a little bit to my specific needs and started the hunt for the best products out there. I only managed to get a few stuff together but that’s OK since I still have around 4 and half months. I’m also working on a hospital bag checklist and if anyone’s interesting in either one I’m glad to share!

Let us know what you ladies have been up to this week.