We’re now LIVE on Twitter!

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3 thoughts on “We’re now LIVE on Twitter!

  1. You want my opinion on what’s missing in your blog?
    Since you choosed to make it a couple blog,, it might be interesting to talk about couples stuff and issues… Endless man vs woman drama.. Jokes,,, situations,,, problems and solutions… Cuz honestly the blog is very random and vulgar.
    I see alot of the pregnancy issue and boys teenage stuff!
    Other blogs got themes… If not they focus on delivering hot news or subjects..
    Blogging is a commitment if u want it to expand and grow …
    That’s all. Good luck

    • Thank u um abood.
      We blog about what we like and what we find interesting. I’m sorry if you find our blog “vulgar” then we can’t change who we are for you.
      This blog is not intended to be about “couples” my husband and I tend to share everything with eachother and hence we’re sharing this blog.
      We honestly are not looking for any fame or people’s approval, we are doing something that we find fun. We enjoy meeting new people and listening to peoples opinions and that’s all we’re doing by sharing our thoughts through our posts.
      I’m sure other blogs out there satisfy your need for a theme. But here we’re a family blog and family’s don’t follow themes 🙂
      Thank you.

  2. Oh may! It was just an opinion! Something that might help or not. Take it ir leave it. I didn’t attack your family! I was suggesting points for the blog! Im Sorry for contributing!

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