The Source Code

If anyone understood the ending of the movie The Source Code please let us know :p couldn’t focus in my yoga session because of it :p

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3 thoughts on “The Source Code

  1. Original Universe:

    Sean gets on train, bomber blows train up, scientists send Colter’s conscience to Parallel Universe, using the information gained from that universe they prevent the second bombing, woman pulls plug on Colter, end of story. Colter’s conscience breaks its link to this universe.

    Parallel Universe where Original Colter succeeds (the final one):

    Sean gets on train, original Colter replaces Sean, catches bomber, prevents explosion, sends text to scientist woman, lives happily ever after.

    Scientist woman gets text from Original Colter (now in parallel Sean’s body in the same universe as parallel scientist) saying he’s from “Original Universe” and the Source Code worked in that universe and prevented the second bomb, but using his knowledge from the repetitions, he prevented the first AND second bombs in the Parallel Universe. They never actually used the source code yet in this universe, but next time a disaster occurs, they will use it. The Colter of the parallel universe will be used in that Source Code. Yes, there are two Colter consciences in this universe. And scientist woman will tell him everything’s ok. And when they use it in Parallel Universe, they will transport parallel Colter’s conscience to yet another parallel universe.

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