Week 18; Messed up taste buds

Today was the first day I have cornflakes since I got pregnant. I didn’t go to work coz of the weather so I thought what i perfect time to have cornflakes! I poured some icy cold skimmed milk into a bowl, added some golden flakes, I swear it looked so appealing and I just stood there looking at my beautiful bowl and hearing the popping sounds that cereal make. Yum right? Now I get ready to enjoy my little bowl of heaven, I put a spoonful into my mouth and what do I taste!!!!!!!! I could’ve sworn I was eating a mixture of castor oil+ flour + beetroots! I could barely swallow it down. I checked the expiration dates on both the cornflakes box and the milk, both new. I called our house cleaner and asked her to taste it, she said it was fine and when I told her what I taste she laughed and said its coz I’m pregnant :p

So I added cornflakes on the list of things to stay away from while I’m pregnant 😦 I think that’s God’s punishment for me laughing at my preggo friend when she told me that cucumbers taste like melons when she eats them!

Tell me ladies what weird food cravings/hates did you experience.

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy pregnancy.



8 thoughts on “Week 18; Messed up taste buds

  1. Hehe. I never had these sort of things happening to me. I have one child only. And I suffered only from 2 things. Heart burn that contuined even after giving birth and caused me a serious life and death ordeal… And the fact that my son stayed in until I was in my 10 th month!!! And I was still going to work! Plus I was filing fir divorce lol

  2. I hated chocolate and still do..I’m 34 weeks now and if I smell chocolate I’ll feel sick all day…at the beginning of my pregnancy..grilled chicken smelled and tasted like metal to me…bas the chicken thing is gone now..as I answer everyone “it’s not me that hates it, it’s the baby”..

  3. well Im barely 12 wks now, and my sense of taste is exaggerated on waaay soo many levels, I’m hating everything I eat once Im done with because of the after-taste 😦 ya3ni if Im allowed to say “ana atnasa bil chewing gums” thats what I crave after having any meal lol

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