Hypnobirthing Course in Kuwait

Are you pregnant? Would you like to experience a calm, natural, comfortable birth with no need for pain relief? Hypnobirthing may be your answer! Hypnobirthing is a completely logical and extremely effective established method that lets you discover the joy and magic of birth, and is much more than just self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

The classes will be held from 6th-8th of May 2011 by Hypnobirthing specialist and Doula Katherine Graves from the UK.  Please check the Hypnobirthing centre for more information about Hypnobirthing and Katherine.

If interested in taking a Hypnobirthing course email us at info@oleanaboutique.com


To read more about hypnobirthing: http://www.hypnobirthing.com

10 thoughts on “Hypnobirthing Course in Kuwait

  1. Hahahahaha… My dear nothing can prepare you for giving birth!! Well walking alot helps… But the pain!!!! Lol nothinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  2. I died saw my self giving birth then can’t remember a thing then baby came out. You just can’t control anything! Can’t control breathing… Can control your body… To me .. Even when they put my bebe on my chest,,, I couldn’t feel ( the moment ) like what we see in movies ( hi I’m your mummy) moment! It hit me after 3 months… Oh yeah!!!!

  3. Sorry but I wish someone told me the truth. But all were concern with the isteqbal and the color of the covers and sheets if they match my face! Add to that when it was all done,,,, mom told my sisters not to get pregnant cuz she can’t bare hearing them scream as I did… But don’t worry… You kinda firget later… It becomes a far far memory … Enjoy the sweet times now… 

  4. One more thing…. Sleeep! Cuz these days r the last days of going to bed normally… With out ( is the baby still breathing) ( is the baby feeling cold) I can’t sleep some one must watch the bebe… Just sleep now as much as u can… And use alot of moisterizers

  5. Um aboood every pregnancy and delivery is different for everyone…and mo ila u gain 200 kilos when the baby is 2kilos…so my advice is control the food u eat..so u can avoid the tummy tuck..plus stretch mark solution is baby oil and palmers coco butter..it will minimize Alot I only got one stretch mark and it’s red….Bas la7ad egi9 3laich eygoolich to bee lazy and eat alot coz u only need 300 calories extra…Enjoy being pregnant…with support from ur husband and loved ones kilshay will be amazing and easy..plus About the pain…epidural is a life saver so I’ve heard…family and friends swear by it

  6. I gained 13 kg only! Which is normal. But had ftag hernia. And sleeping not to be lazy but to make for future sleepless nights

    • I love that we have different views and beliefs regarding labour and birth. It shows how each women is unique in her own way and her experiences may be so different from another women. I really appreciate having you as readers to this blog, you really are shedding a light on things I should be very aware of. In the end I’ll just try to have a positive attitude, enjoy the pregnancy as much as I can and pray for the healthiest labour 🙂
      Thank you to all my lady readers. God bless you and your family.

  7. Skin tummy tuck is a must if you like your abs tight and hard. Guenith paltro had a tummy tuck and did u notice how thin she was during pregnancies?
    The tummy never goes back to it’s old self… It gets mushy .
    I never had stretch marks. I guess every skin is diff.

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