Discraceful Acts of Plagerism ( Arabs Got Talent Edition )

So it seems like alot of people are against me with this topic, but I still have to put it out there. As you all know I am sure alot of people have been looking at Arab’s Got Talent lately and congratulations to Amr Katamesh , whom I truly believed deserved to win for his final act and the originality of “his” own work:

Anyways back to topic, what seems to piss me off is the amount of contestants that have been plagiarizing other peoples work, I mean the list keeps going on and on from dancers to artists to drumers and I just feel disgraced to see that amount of copying from others to win, one specific contestant got to my nerves especially the amount of commotion she got on her artistic integrity and originality, and please don’t get me wrong shes good with what she does but still copying others is FAIL!: You know what see for yourself…



I just wanted to add that Simonova not only outshadows the faker but the story was written and authored by her.

Please satisfy me with your comments !

11 thoughts on “Discraceful Acts of Plagerism ( Arabs Got Talent Edition )

  1. I have noticed that when i first saw it, like you said shes talented and definitely not easy to do what she has done, but am sure she could have came up with a different story/drawing that copying.

    • I do agree with you, and yes I see what she did was art and cleary a worthy talent, however, if you go to her closing speech she said that it was her idea which I called out on.

  2. Oh god! Sand painting isn’t something new!!!! It’s thousands of years old done first by the orients. No one stole Nothing from anyone! That’s art!
    Does that mean all artists stole the idea to use a brush???? From the first guy ever to use it!

    • Again, I was talking about the story line that she herself took credit for, not the art form ( that she clearly excels in) or the history of art .

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