17 weeks.. Pass the tissue!

Another new week, another new adventure!
I’ve been experiencing a new symptom.. Tears! I cry over the funniest things! If I watch a Disney cartoon, I’ll cry. Romantic song on the radio, more tears. Someone makes me mad and hear comes the water works! Again I deeply wish this is just a short phase coz it’s getting really embarrassing and ANNOYING. I read about it online, apparently it’s know as “pregnancy tears” and it’s due to the increase in hormone fluctuation.
For all the husbands out there, if your pregnant wife is going through this please keep in mind it’s not your fault and she doesn’t need you to fix it. Just hold her in your arms, hug her tight till she stops crying. When she starts feeling better ask her if she wants to talk about it, if she doesn’t, just change the subject and try to cheer her up (a warm chocolate cake always works!)
On the other hand, with the yoga classes my body is starting to feel much better 7amdilla. I’m experiencing less cramps and more energy.

I hope all my preggo readers are having a healthy and happy pregnancy!
Share with us your weekly milestone.


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