CALL OUT for all Ducati Lovers!

I been searching the web these couple of days in the search for a new exhaust system for my Ducati 696. Most of my freinds and experts recommended TERMIGNONI, however, I would still like to keep my options open so if you have any recommendations please let me know:

This is what the stock exhaust system sounds like.

This is what the Leo Vince SBK Oval EVOII Carbon exhaust sounds like.

Leo Vince SBK EVOII Carbon exhaust

Termignoni ( Bad sound quality )

Anyways so please let me know what you guys think, and stay safe for all bike riders and please wear all the necessary safety gear:

1. Helmet
2. Helmet
3. Helmet
4. Gloves
5. Back Support with elbow + shoulder protection.
6. Boots + Pants if necessary.


4 thoughts on “CALL OUT for all Ducati Lovers!

  1. Glad to know that there is another Blogger/Biker out there 🙂

    My advice go for the (Leo Vince SBK Oval EVOII Carbon exhaust), coz it seems the loudest of them all & the carbon looks will suit the bike better.

    The louder u r on the road more car will notice u which will make it more safe for u.

    Also u should change ur air intake since u r thinking of getting a new exhaust, so u can gain more horse power.

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