Bump It Up!

I got this book from Oleana Boutique a while a go and I have to say its amazing! I highly recommend it to every pregnant women out there and it would be a great gift to the mummy-to-be’s that you know.

 The book is basicly a witty and accessible guide to all four trimesters of pregnancy. Its written by a career fashionista and mother of two Amy Tara Koch, it offers easy ways for mummies-to-be to avoid drowning in the pregnancy pit and instead celebrate it with dozens of ideas of great maternity ensembles in an affordable way.

It starts of with a hilarious “PREGGO DICTIONARY”. I just loved it and started using the terminologies inside right away!

The book has so many illustrations to guide into picking what suits you and how you could make use of your current wardrobe.

It also features sketches from today’s most popular fashion designers including Diane Von Furstenberg, Donna Karen and Isaac Mizrahi.

A “Do and Don’t” section.

As well as a beauty section that helps you pick lotions and potions for your messed up pregnancy skin and make up secrets to add an extra uumph to your pregnancy g\


Order your copy now for http://www.oleanaboutique.com/


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