Yoga Drama

Last Wednesday was the first day I started my yoga for pregnancy class and to be honest it didn’t start smoothly.
I was supposed to have my class at 6pm in Royal Hayatt which I confirmed on sunday with the receptionist and monday with the trainer.
So I arrive there at 6pm sharp after battling with the traffic. To all who know me they know how precise I am about appointments and how I always respect them sacredly that’s why I got really upset when the receptionist just smiles at me and says “you don’t have an appointment and the trainer already left” I freaked out :p imagine counting the days till you get to 4 months and your so eager to start and you get blown off.
Long story short, I spoke to the manager who apologized and offered to call the trainer back but I refused coz yoga is all about positivity and I didn’t want her coming back upset.
Me being a very persistent person I didn’t want to end the day without a yoga session so I called up pilates and more and asked them if I could come in for a session and they were kind enough to take me in 🙂 I had a wonderful time and the yoga instructor was amazing, the only don’t side to it is the room we did the session in and the price. We were working out in an aerobics room which I hated it coz the echo made it hard for me to listen to what the instructor was saying. And at 20 kd an hour compared to12kd at royal hayatt is just too much for me.
Pilates and more also offer house visits for those who prefer it. As for me I think I’m going to go back to royal hayatt but this time I’ll make sure the manager does the appointments for me!


6 thoughts on “Yoga Drama

  1. I got soo excited when I read that there are yoga classes for pregnants at royale hayat! Plz do tell how it goes 🙂 will be joining u in sha2 Allah, awaiting ur feedback

    • Hey! We’ll I used to do yoga religiously before the pregnancy and I won’t be exaggerating if I tell you I swear by yoga! :p
      Yoga for pregnancy is just as amazing, I already did a class and it was great. Yoga would do wonders for u and ur baby. Not only is it gonna help u stretch and be flexible and that reduces ur body aches, it helps u relax and for that hour all u think of is ur baby.
      Plz plz start as soon as ur 4 months pregnant, oo id3eeeeli 🙂
      P.S. If u never did yoga before, be patient for the first few classes u might not feel all the amazing benefits of yoga, but then you’ll start realising its blessing 🙂

      • thank you sweety 🙂
        u really encourged me to do so, two more wks in sha2 Allah for me to join…
        Ive never done any similar thing before but surely will, I really appreciate ur advice 🙂
        allah esahel 3lech

    • Oh this looks really interesting. But for me, I used to go out everyday before the pregnancy, and now I rarely go out (other than work) so for me the actual trip to the yoga session is doing me good 🙂

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