Week 15.. and doctor-less.

So I’m 15 weeks preggo and I’m still not settled with an OB-GYN Dr. yet! Some people tell me to take my time, visit as many Drs till the 6th month and others panic when they hear about my dilema!

I wish I could go into as many Dr’s offices as I want and just say “hey let’s chat! I wanna see if you’re nice enough to deliver my baby!” But no, each time I have to lay down, go through the ultra sound and other uncomfortable procedures and in the end I never go back to the Dr. again!

Oh dear baby on the way.. If only you knew what mummy’s going through to make sure you come into this world safely. :p

Anyone out there with any advice please let me know.


19 thoughts on “Week 15.. and doctor-less.

  1. I’m currently following up in Maternity Hospital with a doctor who will be opening a private clinic this month. I prefer someone who doesn’t have a large patient load and who’s been dealing with complicated cases on a daily basis. Most the drs in private, let’s be honest, have been working as glorified midwives.

    Anyway, these are some names I recommend :

    Dr Nida Bukhathour (only delivers in Royal Hyatt, which means that she will be their to deliver u & not in 2 or 3 hospitals a day)

    Dr Khalda Mjaibel at Royal Hyatt (she’s great for high risk pregnancies)

    These are the names I feel comfortable recommending. By the way I’m a doctor so I’ve done my homework.

    • Isn’t it a hassle waiting in line at the hospital? Or do they offer appointments like in private clinics?
      If heard a lot of mixed comments about both drs, the negative reviews were about their patients overload.
      I guess I have to do a lot of research oo atwakal 3ala allaah 🙂

  2. My advice is use a doctor that works in ONE hospital and not running between them all!!!
    My recommendation would be Dr. Rajni Gupta in the new AlSeef hopital. Very calm and never panicked me. BTW this is my second pregnancy with her and I followed her from Dar al Shifa to ALSeef cuz I didn’t want another doc.

    • I visited Dr. Roobeena Ali in al seif, I like her. I’m definitely inshala giving birth at al seef so I need to have a dr that’s willing to deliver there.
      What do u mean as calm? Ya3ni barda? :p coz I know King ra7 yitnarfaz min ay dr barid :p

      • She could come off as barda sometimes, but i like to think of it as calm, cuz when things are going wrong (inshallah u’ll always be fine and healthy) it’s much better than having someone who is always yelling or telling you what to do. She gives you the facts and tell you the problem without telling you off (i put on tooooooo much weight and got high bp).

  3. Try Dr Imad Ghazzawi at Royal Hoyat , very friendly and experienced, u’ll love him…. hospitals are much better than private clinics

  4. I am just adding this comment for anyone who may be looking for a gynecologist in Kuwait. Do NOT think of going to Dr. Rajni Gupta. She is very commercial – trying to milk as much money from the patient, rude, aggressive and does not give the patient time to explain their condition.

    • do u have any personal experience with Dr Rajani.if not don’t make such comments..i had my first pregnancy care from her and she was good.calm never made us worry.

      • I guess ur replying to a reader’s comment. If so, im glad that we have 2 opinions now so people could see that with an OBGYN you have to meet with the Dr yourself and then form an opinion coz each person may feel a different way 🙂

  5. I know that u delivered your princess *how cute* and el7emdellah 3ala salamtech;* Which doctor have u gave birth with? Am asking in a really old post because am a newly prego woman and I decided to go through all ur posts they were very helpful;*

    • Hi dear, allaah isalmich :* My dr. Is Dr. Ahmad Al Shazly in al Hilal Clinic, Salmiya. I’m planning to dedicate a whole post on how wonderful he is and how much he did for me and the baby, (highly recommended) allaah igawmich bil salama ya rab oo isaahil 3alaich :*

  6. Hi ,

    I am new to Kuwait and want to know of a good Indian gynaeocologist who has time for her patients. I went to Doctor Leena Dutta in Mowasat Hospital but I did not find her very convincing. Have heard a lot about doctor Rajni Gupta . Can I get some feedback on the same .


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